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Read and learn  about unknown aspects of wakeboarding. Understanding is the biggest step to success.

How to start wake boarding

Doesn’t matter if you're a adrenaline addict or looking to new sport, wakeboarding offers an feeling of skateboarding, snowboarding, kiteboarding and surfing. This guide will explain you everything you want to know to start wake boarding.

Paulownia Wood

The popularity of paulownia wooden surfboards has been on the increase in recent years with technology playing a part in producing a quality sustainable products.

Wakeboarding glossary

The following is a glossary of wakeboarding and wakeskating terms.

Handle pass inverts

Handle-Pass inverts are inverts where the rider also performs some type of spin that requres them to pass the handle while in the air. These are generally more difficult than normal inverts.


Wakeboarding is a fairly easy sport to learn, especially if you have surfing experience. It's a little different than waterskiing, however, because wakeboards travel at lowered speeds and different angles, which might challenge a person accustomed to waterskiing.


Inverts are tricks that consist of the riding going upside down while in the air.

How to choose wakeboard size

Choosing the Right Wakeboard Length

Wake park

What is Wake Park ? Cable wakeboarding is simply wakeboarding while being pulled; not by a boat, but by an overhead cableski system..

3 stage rocker vs contiuonus rocker

The ‘rocker’ refers to the actual shape of the board, from the nose to the tail. There are two main shapes for a wakeboard, a 'Continuous Rocker' and a '3 Stage Rocker'.

Wakeboarding physics

The two main forces that most influence the way a wakeboard moves are the resistance (drag) that the board encounters when moving through the water and the tension of your rope.

Raley based tricks list

Raley-Based Tricks are tricks that are based on the Raley and are built off of it.


Jibbing is a term used in wakeboarding to describe the action of jumping, sliding or riding on top of objects like boxes and rails.

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