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Inverts are tricks that consist of the riding going upside down while in the air. 


Big Wurm: A toeside Front Roll with frontside 540. Handle is rotated above the head - Invented by Ryan Davis.

Blender: A wrapped Heelside Backroll - Invented by Eric Perez.

Crook: Whirlybird with a rewind 180 to fakie.

Diesel: A toeside Front Roll with a frontside 360. Handle is rotated above the head - Invented by Todd Brendel.

Discombobulator: A wrapped Heelside Backroll with a frontside 540 - Invented back in the ski jumping days by Dave "Tha Dawg" Reinhart. First landed on a wakeboard by Zane Schwenk.

Double Back Roll: A heelside double Backroll - Invented by Parks Bonifay.

Elephant: A Scarecrow with a rewind 180 back to forward - Invented by Scott Byerly/Brannon Meek/Gregg Necrason.

Front Flip: An end over end cartwheel style flip.

Front Flip to Fakie: Front flip with a frontside 180.

Half Cab Double Backroll: A Half Cab Roll into a Toeside Backroll - Invented by Parks Bonifay.

Half-Cab Front Flip: Switchstance frontflip with a frontside 180.

Half-Cab Roll: A switch Roll To Revert.

Heelside Backroll: Board and rider perform what is most easily described as a "reverse cartwheel". Imagine the board is riding all the way around the inside of a pipe.

Iron Cross: A Wrapped Moby Dick - Invented by Darin Shapiro.

Mexican Roll: A Heelside Backroll where the rider throws his head and body down instead of to the side. It was named after Andrea Gaytan, a former female professional rider from Mexico. It's normally considered an uglier version of a Backroll, but it's the rotation style used for a Roll To Blind or KGB. It's sometimes referred to incorrectly as a heelside Front Roll.

Orbital: An over the line, inverted, backside 360 - Invented by Darin Shapiro.

Orbital 540: An over the line, inverted, backside 540 - Invented by Darin Shapiro.

Remix: A wrapped front flip with a frontside 360. AKA wrapped Slim Chance - Invented by Randy Harris.

Roll to Revert: Backroll with a frontside 180.

Scarecrow: Front roll with a frontside 180 - Invented by Brannon Meek.

Slowball: An extremely stalled out heelside Front Flip where the body is kept very straight - Invented by Jeremy Kovak.

Slurpy: Rider approached the wake with both hands behind back and performs a toeside backroll with a backside 360 - Invented by Zane Schwenk.

Special K: A Toeside Backroll to blind approached with both hands behind the back.

Speedball: Heelside double Front Flip - Invented by Darin Shapiro.

Spiderman: A heelside tantrum with a backside 360. Handle rotated over the head with the backhand. Basically a whirlybird with the back hand on the handle - Invented by Ricky Gonzales.

Tantrum: A heelside backflip - Invented by Eric Perez.

Tantrum to Fakie: Tantrum with a frontside 180.

Temper Tantrum: A double Tantrum - Invented by Parks Bonifay.

Toeside Backroll: A toeside backflip.

Toeside Roll To Revert: A toeside backflip with a frontside 180.

Toeside Front roll: Rider throws their head and body down in a somersault fashion.

Whirlybird: A tantrum with a backside 360. Handle rotated above the head - Invented by Bill McCaffray.

Whirlybird 540: A Tantrum with a backside 540. Handle rotated above the head - Invented by Shaun Murray.

Whirlybird 720: A Tantrum with a backside 720. Handle rotated above the head - Invented by Parks Bonifay.

Wrapped KGB: A heelside backroll with a wrapped backside 360 - Invented by Ryan Seibring and Gregg Necrason.

Wrecking Ball: A wrapped tantrum with a backside 360. Sometimes referred to as a wrapped Whirlybird - Invented by Matt Hickman.


Air tricks are moves done in the flats without the use of the wake. Most moves do not have a separate name to distinguish them from their off-the-wake equivalents. Some notable exceptions are:

Bel Air: Air Tantrum - Invented by Shaun Murray.

Eggroll: Air Scarecrow - Invented by Shaun Murray.

Tweetybird: Air Whirlybird - Invented by Shaun Murray.


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