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How to start wake boarding

It’s never too late to learn new things!

Doesn’t matter if you're a adrenaline addict or looking to new sport, wakeboarding offers an feeling of skateboarding, snowboarding, kiteboarding and surfing. This guide will explain you everything you want to know to start wake boarding.

What is wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is a water sport where rider stands on a board, much like a snowboard, and is pulled behind a motorboat or cable. Idea is to ride while performing tricks and have fun with friends.

Must have gear for wakeboarding

Before riding, you need some of these:

  • Wakeboard: Choose a board  suitable for you. Look for one with a continuous rocker and channels.

  • Bindings: Are the boots connecting you to the board. Be sure that boots are comfortable.

  • Life jacket: Safety first! A certified life jacket is important.

  • Wetsuit: Depending at the water temperature, a wetsuit can hold you heat and make cold rides more comfortable.

Finding the right location

Choosing the best  location is important. Look for:

  • Wakepark: Great for all riders. From beginners to pros.

  • Flat waters: Ideal for getting to know as rough waters may be difficult.

  • Designated wakeboarding areas: These areas are normally free from limitations and different boat traffic.

  • Professional wakeboarding school: If possible, take instructions from certified instructors to speed up the progression.

Step by step guide to start riding

1. Getting ready

  • Warm-up: Stretch and do physical excercises to prepare your body.

  • Set up your gear: Make sure your bindings are set up correctly, your life-jacket fits well, and helmet is fasten.

2. Starting position

  • In the water: Begin by lying on your back in the water with your knees bent and your wakeboard in front of you.

  • Hold the rope: Grab the handle with both hands.

3. Standing on board

  • Signal the driver: When you're prepared, signal boat driver with thumb up.

  • Let the boat pull you: As the driver accelerates, let the boat pull you up. Keep your knees bent and let the board guide you to the water's surface.

  • Stand up gradually: Once you get your balance, progressively stand up, keeping your weight targeted and your arms straight.

4. Riding

  • Find your balance: Keep your knees bent a little, and eyes looking forward.

  • Don’t be stiff: Keep your moves  smooth and calm.

  • Practice turns: Move your weight from toes to heels for turning.

5. Basic tricks

  • Surface 180: Rotate the board 180 staying on the water surface.

  • Ollie: Jump off the water

Tips for progression

  • Professional coaches: Professional education can fast get you new abilities.

  • Watch tutorials: Watch online video tutorials that can offer good riding techniques.

  • Join local community: Ride with different wakeboarders.

Classic mistakes

  • Rushing the stand-up: Take it slow to stand up steadily.

  • Looking down: Keep your eyes ahead to keep stability.

  • Bent arms: Keep your arms straight.


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