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Meet our family

There’s so much to learn from individuals who’ve participated in our actions, and this is incredible important to have them on board. Go ahead and read some of the most recent stories about our members.

Thomas Myrcik

A X Wake Germany leader authorized to perform the sacred carbon rituals. Especially as a mediatory agent between humans and carbon. He also has the authority and power to administer western Europe X Wake team

Roger Wanke

Roger Wanke is great artist and film maker. You can watch his stunning videos on our youtube channel

Kuba Andrzejewski

Kuba Andrzejewski is drone specialist, extraordinary flying skills, good eye and talent for video editing makes him very mportant person

Monika Ślusarska

Monka is one of the best action sports photographer on this planet. Her eye and reflex are over powered. There are no impossible tasks even in the hardest conditions.

Tomek Ustupski

Super creative and talented photographer. Tomek can make miracles at night using his flashlights.

Ania Grzelka

Holy mother of photography, risen with camera in her hand. Ania is true master of action sports photography.

Dawid Łobos

Dawid is instructor and crazy stuntman working on Wake Zone Stawiki. One of hardest X Wake family members !

Remigiusz Miczek

Remik is crushing wakepark obstacles with style and power. Its pleasure to have him in family. Everybody should be as strong as Remik.

Marcin Kusnierz

True wakeboard weterean. Riding since last dinosaurs extinct. Wakepark Krakow owner. True carbon being

Paulina Zaradna

Paulina is young and fearless, our good soul motivated by her passion and talented. Meet Paulina at Rueda Wake Park

Marta Janusz

Marta is true carbon friend, she has no fear and huge heart for wakeboarding

Gaspar Rybaczewski

Gaspar is fresh family member from Wake City, he knows how to ride with style and passion. Meet him in Poznan, and ask about Boson

Wujek Rafał

Good guy from Rzeszow making progress fast and agressive. He lives in castle near Rzeszow with Monia Sas by his side

Blanka Papierz

One shot one kill no luck just skill

Katharina Moczigemba

Carbon hybrid. True and talented rider, mother and wife

Hubert Bilcki

Hubert is our true friend from Bydgoszcz. Agressive wakeboarder who wins many competitions

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