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X wake  electron 2.0 hexa base was created to push boundaries beyond everyday solutions. Obstacle riding in the park has evolved over the years and is now at level we could not have dreamed of.


Rider requirements are constantly changing and increasing, we want to withstand stringent requirements so we made hexa base.


Characteristic hexagonal structure was designed to break water surface tension while landing. Moulded base decreases friction on wakepark features and gives you smooth feeling even on dry obstacles.


Color: Black/White
    • wakeboard / PARK SERIES

    • 2D patern full carbon ( 2 layers on each side of the core)

    • super light paulownia woodcore , CNC milled on both sides

    • very durable P-TEX base , obstacle prepared

    • flat base

    • hexa base

    • ABS sidewalls 

    • polyethylen topsheet

    • water based UV varnish coat on top surface 

    • finless

    • rocker : continous

    • compatible with any bindings

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