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Boson is a stiff wake board made for maximum performance. This board is more narrow than typical wake board, it gives fast turning, awesome pop and release of the edge.

X WAKE Boson has a concave to get better grip on the wakeboard obstacles and softer landings. 

Milled concave and channels between bindings  don't let the board to "drift" and keep is stable during edging and landings.Boson is 3 STAGE rocker shaped .


X WAKE board Boson is equipped with channels on top to make board lighter and more stiff, also it gives extraordinary futuristic look

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Neutron is top shape made for ultimate shredding experience. The new 3D shape makes possible to create very stiff center of the wake board,while tips stay flexible to obtain maximum pop and increased press control. New construction connects wood core flexibility and carbon fiber strength to create board that is light, durable and responsive. 

New channels make Neutron stable as never before on landings and edging, while adding more confidence on rails thanks to unique concave channels on tips.


Try it once and you will never want to ride anything but X WakeNeutron.

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Electron is shredding machine made for sick riders who expect ultimate rails feeling and awesome pop.

Thanks to flat bottom and soft flex you can discover completly new possibilities given by board. 

New narrow stance make you more confident while shredding, soft landings and sick presses was never that obvious before. 

The connection beetwen wood and carbon fiber combined with length and soft flex forms a board like you never ever shred .

Electron gives new snowboard like expierience for every rider who loves jibbing and wants to have never ending fun on the water.

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Quark if the smallest board created for the youngest shredders. Extremly low weight and balanced flex guarantee that Quark is perfect choice for young guns. The use of carbon fiber technology makes the wooden core thinner and lighter without losing durability and flexibility.

Long side channels make board very stable and easy going, thanks that young wakeboarders will make progress fast and easy.

Highest quality grind base material allows kids to slide on cablepark features with ease transferring them to next level of wakeboarding.

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